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It's that time of year--it's actually Christmas Eve as I write this message to you. I am so aware of all the feelings. I mean ALL. THE. FEELINGS. For some reason, I have heard about even more expectations and pressure this year than I can remember. Is it because last year was NO CHRISTMAS/COVID CHRISTMAS? Therefore, such low expectations? And this year, in contrast, we expected things to be different, but now we have CHRISTMAS/COVID CHRISTMAS. Or, is it because people are NOT necessarily on their best behavior? Stress is all around.

I don't know what the reasons may be, but I do know that stress takes its toll--especially when we have expectations for things to be a certain way, and they just aren't. I have so many things to be grateful for, and I AM. Truly, I AM. I also am finding myself more tired stressed than I would expect myself to be. I am finding the need for more relaxation. I am listening to the message and dialing things back. Yesterday I had my gifts to wrap, grocery shopping, work, etc... I was too tired to go to the Norway House with Lou and Lilia and see the gingerbread houses. I would have loved to go, but I was feeling worn out. I listened to the message and took a nap!

So, let this be my holiday reminder to you to enjoy yourself by checking in and noticing how you are feeling. Honor the messages you get from your heart, mind and body. Respond accordingly. Extend yourself when you are willing and able. Be kind to yourself if you are struggling. Indulge in treats that matter. Drink that water non-stop.

Be in the moment--of the moment--moment by moment.

If you missed my Christmas videos--check out my YouTube channel and see the playlist--from Making your Lists--to Managing Expectations--to Worst Christmas of my LIFE.

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